Hi everyone

Just started to try this software out over last few days - and very impresssed! I have read through the copious and very good documentation (have tried to absorb it all!) and managed to successfully work with the simulators. Made good progress last night working with the real sky and got very close to a successful 1st auto image. Where I hit a problem was in the autoguiding area, specifically the A0-7 that I have used for a number of years. I had calibrated the autoguider and for me the x-axis calibration was checked in Maxim - and it successfully nudged the star when it wandered too far when guiding withn Maxim only. But within ACP I found that the x-axis calibration was checkbox unchecked right at the point of ACP doing a guide - I wasnt expecting this so checked it several times and this is indeed happening. So rather that a nudge recentering a star it is moving it away from the field of view when guiding. I did wonder if I needed to change the sensor orientation PA - so retried at 90, 180 and 270 degrees but all gave the same problem. At that point i ran out of ideas! I see previous posts having similar problems but cant see if/how it was resolved.

I am sure you may need additional information to help me but wanted to keep the initial question short just incase there is an obvious answer.

Cheers, Alan