For anyone doing variable star photometry I'd like to call their attention to LesvePhotometry created by Pierre de Ponthiere. There is not much that this program lacks. It even has the ability to add to its object data bass from AAVSO Variable Star Plotter which helps eliminate transcription errors for comp and check stars. The software can calculate and use transformation coefficients. It can output AAVSO extended reports for upload to AAVSO database as well as other useful reports on the photometry. It is particularly good for long time sequences. Pierre is very responsive to questions and improvements. And best of all it is free! It does require PinPoint, but as Bob has a very generous 60 day trial for PinPoint, it allows for a leisurely and thorough test period. Here is the link to the download page:

and the link for a general description of the software:

and a link for the documentation:

Please feel free to ask me questions. sjoberg