04:18:08 Field search = 4 x 4 degrees
04:18:08 RA 04:00:27.4 Dec 36:45:19.4 (Topo)
04:18:09 Alt 90.00 Az 180.00
04:18:09 Potential target stars found = 2
04:18:09 Eliminated 1 of 2 stars beyond meridian
04:18:10 Target stars = 1
04:18:10 Catalog stars not found - aborting operation
04:18:10 AcquireStar not completed

This seems to be the problem. What reference catalog is FocusMax using? Only 2 possible target stars? Is it possible FocusMax is looking for really BRIGHT stars? Is AcquireStar set to look for mag 3 or 4 stars? Would there be enough of them around the sky for the mode that AcquireStar is running? What catalog are you using? Maybe the catalog does not have bright stars in it! THe UCAC3 doesn't. If you have GSC/1.1 or A2.0, try using it in FocusMax (which has its own star catalog setting).

The above are guesses and questions. Maybe someone more familiar with AcquireStar can help with the above FocusMax error?