I've been getting random Active X script errors that is caused by FocusMax still running when an auto focus routine is called in the middle of the plan. The plan runs fine and it focuses at the start, and two or three times during the plan, then the script will fail with an Active X error saying that focus max is already running. I can go to the task manager, and sure enough it is, I close FocusMax in the task manager, restart the scrip and sometimes it will run the rest of the night, other times it will repeat the error. ACP 7, the latest ver of FocusMax, and yes Win 8 64bit ( I know.. Win8!!! But it did this in win7 also) . I'm not playing around in windows while the plan is running. I log in start the plan, and log out.. I use ACP to select the focus star, not acquire star in focus max.
Any clues what would cause this
Thanks, Paul