Last night, during an otherwise normal imaging session, I noticed that I didn't capture as many images as planned. On review of the log file, I noticed that one image took over 2 hours to complete. Notice the jump from 07:06:08 starting to 09:06:30 exposure complete and downloaded. No error messages, and the session continued normally at that point. The image (300 second exposure) looked completely normal in PixInsight. I realize that this may be a Maxim and/or Camera problem, but does anyone have any hints on what may have happened, and where to look?

Thanks, Sean

07:06:08 (ex=0.31 ey=0.26)
07:06:08 (guided dither, 5 good cycles)
07:06:08 (guider check OK)
07:06:08 (starting exposure)
09:06:30 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
09:06:30 Image finished
09:06:32 Plate-solve final image
09:06:35 4120 image stars found
09:06:35 160 catalog stars found
09:06:35 Solved! 37 stars matched.
09:06:35 Average residual is 0.16 arcsec.