I'm using the SBIG STF-8300M and FW8-8300 combination and have an issue where once in awhile the camera will download a blank image (dark) image
which causes ACP to abort. This also happens once in a while when FocusMax is doing a focus run. I think it may be a MaximDL issue, although SBIG has
had their hands full with STF-8300 driver issues. I think it may be a MaximDL auto stretch issue because last night I noticed that the image I thought was blank
did show a very dim star which correlated to the brightest star in the image. (The exposures were short, made during a Auto Flats run.)

This isn't really a ACP issue other than is there a way to have ACP retry the exposure, get a good sub and then move on? FocusMax will continue on usually.
I'm planning on opening a ticket at Difraction on this. The problem is that I might have to live with this occasional blank sub as it seems like it taking awhile
to get the STF-8300/software bugs worked out. I've included part of the ACP log. You can see at 00:08:19 that the background mean ADU is zero.


00:07:40 FLAT Luminance: 10 sec at bin 1
00:07:40 Camera exposing
00:07:53 Image downloaded
00:07:54 Start slew to flat area...
00:07:57 Background mean = 14324 (ADU)
00:07:57 **Sky is too dark
00:07:57 Doing 5 flats in Red at binning 2
00:07:57 Start slew to flat area...
00:08:01 ** Rotator, GEM, and odd number of flats.
00:08:01 Adding one more flat.
00:08:01 Switching from Luminance to Red filter for imaging
00:08:01 Focus change of 155 steps required
00:08:10 TEST Red: 0.5 sec at bin 2
00:08:10 Testing with 64 x 64 sub-frame
00:08:11 Camera exposing
00:08:13 Image downloaded
00:08:13 Background mean = 3683 (ADU)
00:08:13 TEST Red: 2.85 sec at bin 2
00:08:13 Testing with 64 x 64 sub-frame
00:08:14 Camera exposing
00:08:18 Image downloaded
00:08:19 Background mean = 0 (ADU)
00:08:19 Division by zero
00:08:19 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
00:08:19 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
00:08:19 Message: Division by zero
Probably an error in the flat plan at line 822 column 17.
ACP console log closed 08-Oct-2013 00:08:19 UTC