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    Default PinPoint does not get a solution

    Hi Bob,

    I got a trial version of pinpoint for testing. I obtained a 1600x1200 pixel
    image taken from a Celestron C11 with f/10 (2800mm) from M57.
    The pixel resolution should be 0.32"/pixel. Pixel size is 4.4m.

    The ring nebular M57 was noy exactly centered but I give as an approximation
    CCD center the coordinates of M57 in J2000 (RA 18h 53m 35s, Dec 33 01' 45").
    All other values are default values.

    With other images I was successfull but there are some images where pinpoint
    fails. Are there any hints to get a solution in that case?

    You can find the map in the attachment.

    Best Regards,
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