I downloaded this software a few days ago as had some spare time and clear nights - great product and only just scratching the surface. Very good documentation - I have tried to absorb and read all this so forgive me if my answer is buried in there and I have missed it. My question is that I have an ao-7 guider that has been rock solid in its operation. When i try and guide this within ACP and a scope movement is needed in RA then my guide star is adjusted right off the screen So i recalibrated - same result; then I swapped the x-axis and still the same result. So its as if acp doesnt use the mount settings - is this right ?? I did notice a post a few years back where someone had to insert a "NOT" into ACPSupport script. Tried that but that didnt work either, and I wasnt sure if ACP has changed since that post. Can you guide me as to what you suggest I try next as I feel I am quite close to getting some good use out of this ?

Many thanks George