George --

Assuming that in ACP Preferences, Guiding tab, you have
  1. Guider is an adaptive optics unit and
  2. either Internal (SBIG) or Off Axis Pickoff set and
  3. the Guide sensor rotation angle set correctly
and assuming that
  1. The AO has been calibrated and
  2. the bumping ("Drive" calibration) has been tested and
  3. in MaxIm alone, the AO runs within 10% to 90% at 10Hz on a bright star for at least an hour
then I don't know why your guiding is not working. Years-old patches would not apply (and that patch probably wasn't the real problem way back then either ha ha).

If the above is correct, I will have to log on and look and do some tests. Amazingly, you are number four (within the last two hours) needing an online session. That has never happened in 14 years! We will need to be on during the night. I leave for the AIC conference tomorrow night. I currently have Tuesday Oct 15 and Friday Oct 18 open and I am on UTC - 7 time. Let me know.