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    Default Large number of targets in Planner

    Bob, If I use wizard to import say 100 targets from SkyX, is there no way to save the plan without having to select the preset individually for each target or is there a way select all targets and click the preset once and have it apply all. I just tried using it so I can export plans in RTML and could not find a simple way to add the presets. Thanks, Dick

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    Coming from TheSky, no. I think I know what you're trying to do. Don't you have a big ACP plan with one target per line and the directives for all of the images at the beginning? If you import this into Planner you can convert it into RTML with one Plan per object and each plan will have the same images. If I'm off base. please feel free to call and discuss your specific requirements.
    -- Bob



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