I did a bit of checking last night before an imaging session and found that it appears how I start-up the programs seems to make a difference. Unfortunately I didn't write down which sequence actually worked. What I normally do is start these programs in this order:

1) APC7900: Access power and turn power on to mount, camera, focuser, camera, dew controller, roof, and rotator.
2) ACP7: Connect to mount, dome, rotator, and camera. MaxIm starts AstroMC(2.1.2a w/J6) when connecting to telescope.
3) MaxIm 5.24: connects to the mount (AP1200) guider port (Telescope) and camera on start-up.
4) Clarity 1.59: Boltwood I
5) FocusMax which also starts RoboFocus (5.20) for the secondary focus motor on the RC.
6) Kendrick 2.1.3: Dew controller program

What I've noticed lately is that when the shut down time comes in the executed ACP plan the roof doesn't always close. ACP is set to park and close the roof. There are two micro switches, one on each axis, that must be made before the roof can close. As long as the mount is parked in the proper park position, AP Park 1, then the roof is set to close on park command. This is set-up in ACP and works. What I'm finding is that although AstroMC is running just find and will operate using it's open/close button, ACP at times doesn't seem to have roof control. If I open ACP's Dome control window I usually now find that I have no control, all buttons are grayed out and I can only open/close the roof using AstroMC.

I opened and close these programs last night a number of times using a difference sequence to see if it made any difference but didn't document what order I used. I did find one that gave me ACP dome control. Unfortunately I didn't write it down. This wasn't an issue before but some things have changed. Newer versions of MaxIm, ACP, and AstroMC have been installed in the near past. I can't any one or combination of these caused this issue. Anyone else seeing this problem?