I've posed this question to Optec but thought I'd ask it here to see if anyone has a fix for this. I have a Flip Flat that is connected via usb and Maxim with an SBIG ST-2000. The Flip Flat is set up as a second filter wheel in Maxim.

If I connect my SBIG to Maxim it will kill my connection to the Flip Flat and if I disconnect the SBIG it will reestablish the Flip Flat connection but when I close Maxim it will also kill the Flip Flat connection. Seems like a usb conflict for the first problem for sure but I don't see a way to designate a port number for each. So in my observing plan when it gets to dawn flats and tries to turn on the Flip Flat it fails. I can restore the Flip Flat connection by disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cable to it and do my flats but that's not a feasible way to finish an unattended plan.

Any help? Thanks!