Hi all,

I started to use ACP (and scheduler) for a remote project. I managed to get some decent images, but I have some questions and I can't find the answer in the help files.

1) When creating a plan, I enable dithering. I fill in -1.0 for auto, but nothing happens. I don't see any dither logs and the guider just keeps running in between exposures of main CCD.

2) Is ACP intelligent enough to check the meridian flip time? Last night ACP started an exposure of 10 min., but after 5 min the mount reached his limit, resulting in trailed stars.

3) After the flip, guide directions were wrong. I calibrated Maxim en ACP in the eastern sky. Maxim and mount driver don't do anything after flip (no reversing X or Y). Isn't ACP supposed to do the swap of guidecorrections?

I chose "External Guide Scope" instead of "Off-Axis Pickoff", what's the difference? There shouldn't be a difference if I calibrate correctly?

I'm using a 10" ODK on a GEM with SiTechII controller with a QSI683, Lodestar (OAG) and Baader Steeldrive autofocus (FocusMax).