Hi Bob,

I am still under the impression of the great session we had together a week ago to resolve various ACP operation and scripting issues I had (by the way, I regained my voice since... :-))

I have been to the Wise Observatory and had an opportunity to test the various parts of automation in person. Everything seems to function well (there are a few glitches, mainly hardware issues, which are being dealt with at present).

There was one item I wanted to consult with you about. Both AcquireImages.js and AutoFocus.vbs failed when trying to do an automatic focus. FocusMax reports back that a license for the full version of PinPoint is required, which we don't have at present.

Is this a must? I noticed that in FocusMax / Features / AcquireStar / Setup / Center Star, you have an option to select: None, Auto or PinPoint. If you select 'None", then 'AcquireStar Enable' checkbox is not checked. However, when either the AcquireImages or AutoFocus scripts are run, this checkbox gets checked automatically.

What is the meaning of this selection? Is it mandatory for operating FocusMax through ACP? Finally, does this mean that we have to purchase a copy of the full version of PinPoint for it to work?

I am using FocusMax Version

Many thanks, Bob!

Best regards,

Ilan Manulis
The Wise Observatory