I am new to this software and learning how to use it. I am getting close to try it out imaging in anger having got a pretty stable set-up, and having thoroughly read the documentation.

In summary set up is Meade LX200, SBIG St2000 camera with built in guider, no rotator - I can reliably guide, image and plate solve so am feeling good about that.

I tried to take my first image the other evening from the web browser part of ACP - and got a couple of messages back that would appreciate some clarification on.

The web browser log said:

(1) the sun wasnt 12 degrees below the horizon - which makes a lot of sense but given my high latitudes that is pretty late at night and wonder if there is any way to override whilst I learn how to use this software as I didnt need completely dark skies whilst in learning mode

(2) it also said:

There was a problem initializing the support library:
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Prefs.AutoGuiding.ExternalGuider'

Now in the guide section of preferences there is an option guide sensor configuration which I have set to "Internal SBIG".

The documentation says "Verify that Using an External Guide Scope (...) is OFF" - i cant find another option so assume this is what I have done. Or is there another option ? Also is this message a warning or would it stop the image being taken if the sun was low enough ?

Cheers Alan