Hi Bob,

I thought I understood the aacqplan script fairly well, including the sweet get/post alternative paths and the file browsing, but I'm obviously missing something. Hopefully a ten-minute chat can clear things up. I don't work (for pay) on Wednesdays. Would it be possible for me to call you at some point during the day on Wednesday? Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening would also work. Do you want to have a copy of my script in hand?

I should explain that I'm intending to read a flat log file, parse out the TEST and FLAT lines, and use the data to build a graphic displaying to scale the flat exposure times (y-axis) as a function of clock time (x-axis). This would be similar to the spreadsheet graphic I generated for Steve Reilly a few weeks ago, but it would be enabled inside and directly accessible from the ACP environment.

(reference: http://forums.dc3.com/showthread.php...0138#post40138)