Hi Bob,

Thanks very much for your help with this application yesterday on the phone. I almost have the file selection script knocked out and running now, but I'm having trouble with converting the following javascript line from aacqplan.asp to vbscipt. I keep getting a compilation error and the compiler error message is useless. The error is in this statement below.

I know how this is supposed to look, and I understand the javascript, but I'm running into trouble with the vbscript with too many or too few quotation marks in a row, and/or whether to use Chr(34) instead. Could you please reply back with the correct vbscript statement? Are single quotes valid?

    Response.Write("<<PostForm \"\" \"/ac/aFlatAnalyzer.asp\" \"Draw Graph\" \"Starts the analysis process\">>");
And, am I supposed to use "Session" or not?