I'm trying to build an .asp app in which I need to read a directory containing the flats log file(s). I'm using "aacqplan.asp" as a model for this new app. At the beginning of the main script in aacqplan, there is a variable called keyName set to: keyName = "plans_subdir". The Session(keyName) value at this point is (for my setup) "NCG-IC", which is one of the subfolders in the Plans directory.

In my new script, I've changed all the places where "plans" appears to "logs", and I've changed "plans_subdir" to "logs_subdir". Now several things don't work the same way.

1. At the beginning of the main script in my app, the keyName is "logs_subdir" but the Session(keyName) value is "", and not one of the subfolders in the log folder. Is "logs_subdir" an unrecognized name?

2. The window indeed pops up displaying the correct log folder and it has the correct files listed, but when I change to the AutoFlat folder (which I've put in the log folder), the file list doesn't update, and the folder selector reverts to "select subfolder".

I could use your insight here, if you have a moment to help. How do I enable selecting the log folder and files in them?