Hi Bob,

I scanned the forum database for similar problem(s), but could not find any so would like to consult with you.

We are using at the Wise Observatory the Centurion 28 (C-28) by AstroWorks and the ScopeDome 5.5 meter dome with the ScopeDome USB 2.0 Driver, all under ACP 7.0 control and ASCOM as the low-level interface.

1) When we command a slew of the telescope in ACP, it first sends the dome to the correct azimuth coordinate and then the telescope is slewed, sequentially. This is time consuming. My question is whether there is a way (in ACP) to tell the system to slew BOTH the telescope and the dome simultaneously? This will save observing time per slewing.

2) Slewing settle time is sometimes very long, in the order of a minute or more. This is a real problem. I can see that the coordinates are updated by several arc seconds every several seconds of time, until slewing is finalized and the "SLEW" yellow indicator stops flashing.

I read elsewhere in the database that this may be due to the dome settling (rather than the telescope's) not reporting "IsSlewing = False". How can I identify which component is generating the wrong indication?

Any comments which might assist me in analyzing and resolving both problems will be most appreciated.

Thanks, Bob!

Best regards,

Ilan Manulis
Wise Observatory