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    Default Focusmax stops

    Hi All,
    I know it is not an ACP issue, but maybe someone has had the same problem and can advise.
    I have now had the problem 2 nights in a row.
    I normally use Scheduler and have never had the error before.
    But now using ACP for the first time in a while, the problem occurs during an autofocus operation.
    There were other autofocus operations before this without a problem.
    There is also no FMax log for the period leading up to this.
    Any help appreciated.


    22:17:15 Selecting Green filter (1) for imaging
    22:17:15 Do periodic or plan-start auto-focus...
    22:17:15 [flip check: Tn=600s HAc=-11321s GW=F HAz=-10721s DWz=F WF=no]
    22:17:17 Search 15 deg-square area for suitable target stars
    22:17:17 Looking for stars between mags 6 and 9
    22:17:18 Found mag 6.2 star, 3UC145-428132; nothing within 660 arcsec.
    22:17:18 Star J2000 coordinates RA=20:28:52 Dec=-17 48' 48"
    22:17:18 Using star at mag 6.2. Slew to star.
    22:17:18 Start slew to AutoFocus...
    22:17:23 (wait for slew to complete)
    22:17:30 (slew complete)
    22:17:30 Updating pointing...
    22:17:30 Switching from Blue to Lum filter for pointing exposure
    22:17:30 Focus change of 2049 steps required
    22:17:34 (taking 5 sec. exposure, Lum filter, binning = 4)
    22:17:34 (using Mode 1 readout mode)
    22:17:34 (starting exposure)
    22:17:41 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
    22:17:41 Calibrating image...
    22:17:41 **Calibration failed. Original image saved.
    22:17:41 **MaxIm reports No suitable calibration groups were found.
    22:17:41 Image finished
    22:17:41 Plate-solve pointing image.
    22:17:42 159 image stars found
    22:17:42 123 catalog stars found
    22:17:42 Solved! 47 stars matched.
    22:17:42 Average residual is 0.22 arcsec.
    22:17:42 Pointing error is 0.059 arcmin @ angle 189.61
    22:17:42 True focal length is 3882.3 mm.
    22:17:42 True binned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 1.91 V = 1.91
    22:17:42 True image center (J2000): 20h 28m 51.6s -17 48' 51.92"
    22:17:42 Imager sky position angle is 179.2 deg.
    22:17:42 Image FWHM is 4.3 arcsec (2.25 pixels)
    22:17:42 (avg FWHM = 4.29 arcsec)
    22:17:44 [sync] telescope synced
    22:17:44 Within max error tolerance, no re-slew needed.
    22:17:44 Target is now centered.
    22:17:44 (AF will use Mode 1 readout mode)
    22:17:44 Starting Autofocus...
    22:17:44 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
    22:17:59 Source: FocusMax
    22:17:59 Message: Busy with another operation
    ACP console log closed 10-Jun-2013 22:17:59 UTC

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    22:17:59 Source: FocusMax
    22:17:59 Message: Busy with another operation
    Can this be repeated? Can you look at FocusMax while this happens? What might it be "busy" doing?
    -- Bob

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    Bob, before you posted this, I downloaded the latest version of FMax (I was a few versions behind) and it ran all night from ACP without a problem. So, maybe the problem is fixed. As I can recall, it was not clear what Fmax was busy with because it was unresponsive. If it happens again I will report back with the details. Dale

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    OK, thanks for the update.
    -- Bob



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