Hi all,

I'm reading the Getting Started manual of ACP and I don't understand a couple of things:

Getting Started - Step 5:
Step 1: I have selected ACP Telescope Hub for the telescope in the Observatory settings in Maxim DL, just like the manual states.
Right underneath this step, the manual states: Do not connect Maxim's Observatory this way.
Aren't these two things saying the opposite??
Do I need to connect Maxim to the ACP Telescope hub or not?

Getting Started - Step 12:
I have selected ASCOM Direct for autoguider output. Do I also need to select ACP Telescope Hub under the setup button (if I don't I'll get an error: Could not initialize guider output, please check guider settings)?
Here the manual also states: do not connect Maxim's Observatory to ACP Hub or Telescope.