I have a problem similar to the #shutdown thread. My scope does not park before the roof tries to close in a plan with #shutdown. From the ACP console with the telescope and roof controller connected, selecting Park from the Telescope menu parks the scope and closes the roof in that order (as it should?). I have tried various scripts with #chainscript to try to force a Park but while they work stand alone they have the same behaviour inside a plan with Acquireimages.js, that is the scope does not park and the roof tries to close (stopped by hardware detection of the scope not parked). And yes, I have tried all combinations of the Close and Park/Home After button. It makes no difference either in manual or in a plan. Any suggestions gratefully received. I have tried Jorg Hanisch' scripts (after correcting some syntax errors)...same problem: the scripts work stand-alone, not in a plan through Aquireimages. Losing my hair and it's very thin anyway. Bill Martin