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    Default TheSkyX Crash

    Probably not an ACP question but I am new to TheSkyX (used 6 for years), have used it with my systems and ACP several nights now with no issues but it apparently crashed last night and wondered if anyone here might have a clue as to what may have happened. Last lines of ACP log are:

    10:38:23 (ex=0.05 ey=0.04)
    10:38:23 (guided dither, 5 good cycles)
    10:38:23 (guider check OK)
    10:38:23 (starting exposure)
    10:49:08 [**HARDWARE OR DRIVER ERROR**]
    10:49:08 [Source: TheSkyXAdaptor.RASCOMTele.1]
    10:49:08 [COleException: No more threads can be created in the system.
    (800700A4) SCODE: 800700a4.]
    10:49:08 [This is not an ACP problem]

    Update: A little Google searching reveals that this is related to TheSky controlled telescope driver (note that is is not necessarily CAUSED by it, however). I am currently
    still running 5.2.10 of that driver. On the one hand, there is now 5.1.12, which might or might not be helpful. OTOH, if that is not likely to help......

    Any input on this would be helpful.

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