In an ASP script that is called from a tiddler, I need to convert from JNow to J2000. Using AcquireSupport's LocalTopocentricToJ2000() comes to mind.

The (VBS) call would be

LocalTopocentricToJ2000 Util.ScriptTelescope.RightAscension, Util.ScriptTelescope.Declination OR
Call LocalTopocentricToJ2000 (Util.ScriptTelescope.RightAscension, Util.ScriptTelescope.Declination)

but execution stops with a "block variable" error (or a type error if I just use

When I've learned how that call finally works, how do I then reach into AcquireSupport to retrieve the calculated J2000 coordinates that are stored there as c_J2000RA and c_J2000Dec?