Hello Bob,

This is my first message on this forum. I am using ACP for several months already and want to thank you for the excellent software you've developed.

My observatory is located in St.Petersburg, Russia. This is not the best place for astrophotography not only because of its latitude, but also because of unstable weather conditions. Clear sky may become cloudy and again clear several times at night. So I really have to hunt for a good weather. After a series of experiments I came to understanding that the most adequate imaging scenario for the unstable sky is a repeating series of short observations in LRGB filters - one shot for each filter. It gives more uniform profile for different filter shots when those are stacked if compared to long one color series. So in ACPS I have one plan of repeated LRGB observations.

Now the problem is that when weather becomes poor and the guider can not locate the guide star, the whole plan stops with failure message. I have the only plan in my schedule and I expect it to restarted after some period of time, or to be resubmitted as Per asks.

I have the following messages in logs

=== ACPS log ===
02-May-2013 20:45:22.2: Send Observation M101 to ACP Sequencer
02-May-2013 20:45:32.2: Sequencer is now active
02-May-2013 21:08:19.0: Sequencer is no longer active
02-May-2013 21:08:19.0: Post-job status check done (stat=Failed)
02-May-2013 21:08:19.1: ACP data acquisition failed for Observation M101.
02-May-2013 21:08:19.1: (Observation M101 interrupted by acquisition process failure.)
02-May-2013 21:08:19.2: Email: using SSL3 security with mx.adriver.ru
02-May-2013 21:08:19.3: SelectRunning: No running plans
02-May-2013 21:08:19.3: No pending plans that can be started now.

=== ACP log ===
21:07:48 (guider error n/a or too high, try #36)
21:07:49 (ex=0.22 ey=0.27)
21:07:49 (guided dither, 1 good cycles)
21:07:52 (ex=0.11 ey=0.27)
21:07:52 (guided dither, 2 good cycles)
21:07:54 (ex=0.11 ey=0.38)
21:07:54 (guider error n/a or too high, try #39)
21:07:56 (ex=0.17 ey=0.42)
21:07:56 (guider error n/a or too high, try #40)
21:07:57 (ex=0.07 ey=0.42)
21:07:57 (guider error n/a or too high, try #41)
21:07:58 (ex=0.13 ey=0.85)
21:07:58 (guider error n/a or too high, try #42)
21:08:00 (ex=0.39 ey=0.52)
21:08:00 (guider error n/a or too high, try #43)
21:08:03 (ex=0.21 ey=0.57)
21:08:03 (guider error n/a or too high, try #44)
21:08:04 (ex=0.08 ey=0.55)
21:08:04 (guider error n/a or too high, try #45)
21:08:08 (ex=0.04 ey=0.42)
21:08:10 (guider error n/a or too high, try #47)
21:08:11 (ex=0.02 ey=0.29)
21:08:11 (guided dither, 1 good cycles)
21:08:12 (ex=0.12 ey=0.24)
21:08:12 (guided dither, 2 good cycles)
21:08:13 (ex=0.06 ey=0.26)
21:08:13 (guided dither, 3 good cycles)
21:08:14 (stopping the auto guider)
21:08:14 **Excessive guiding errors just before image acquisition ACP console log closed 02-May-2013 21:08:15 UTC

Bob, may be there exists some workaround for my situation already?