Hello, I am having a weird issue with Maxim & ACP.

- When I use Maxim alone, things work as expected.
- When I use ACP in conjunction with Maxim, things go weird.


- SBIG STL-11000M
- Off-Axis (Maxim configured to use the External SBIG Guide Chip)

When using ACP, here is what I have observed:

- When taking a guiding exposure to "find a star", the main autoguider window comes up
- Nothing is displayed in the SBIG AO Control box
- It appears something is trying to use the main guide chip rather than the external guide chip
- Once guiding failed in ACP and it continued on to take the target exposure, I did a "locate" in Maxim, and sure enough, there were guide stars there -- because it was using the external guide chip.

I have attached my log for review....

I did notice this in the log: 02:57:21 Doing pointing update to assure guide star on internal/OAG chip

Shouldn't this be external?