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    Default Train Corrector Script..

    Hi guys,

    I am running the Train Corrector Script to try and populate the ACP Pointing Corrector.

    The plan itself runs fine, it takes images and plate solves without drama.

    However, it won't actually sync to the solved location: "**SYNC ACROSS FLIP POINT FOR GERMAN MOUNT. SYNC SKIPPED"

    Whether I run the script for 3 points or 50 points, they all fail to sync with the same message.

    Setup is:
    SkyWatcher AZ EQ6 GT with EQMOD
    EQMOD set to "Dialog" mode to ignore sync commands for itself

    I have attached the console log from the last attempt for just 3 quick points so I could paste the log here (last point used skysolve rather than pinpoint)

    If I take an image with MaximDL, plate solve and then sync to pinpoint center, all works find and the ACP model gets updated.

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