I am trying to set up a 500+ object photometry project in scheduler and am new to ACP and scheduler. I have downloaded data from AAVSO planner and tranlated this into a txt file that plan checker and planner will accept. Looks like scheduler will also accept it (my operating software is at the observing site a distance from my home and have not set up simulator on lap top sufficient to fully verify acceptance by scheduler without going to the site) but my concern is scheduler is going to treat this as a single plan and even under the Do the Best You Can, option may not run it unless the first object in the plan is up at the time. There is bound to be a way to get this data into a scheduler data base without typing it in. Planetarium program in this instance would not be much improvement and don't own or need the program for any other purpose. There is a section on importing databases, perhaps I have not run that to ground yet. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.