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    Default Using ACP and ACPS 140 HOURS of Open Camera time Rosette Nebula!!

    I took this picture of the Rosette Nebula over FOURTEEN months. Zillions of viewing sessions due to unstable weather. Each subframe was 30 minutes of autoguided open camera time. The picture is about 149 by 149 arc minutes per side. Without ACP and Scheduler a project like this is impossible ....well....unless you NEVER sleep its impossible!! Now, keep in mind, I also was imaging dozens of other objects at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scheduler chased this for me until the Rosette fell below an acceptable elevation, then this fall picked it up again...WITHOUT... being reminded!!!! I have a 74 MB version of this. Oh, the original raw frames? Yep, 10 GIGABYTES of data that is correct, you read it right GIGABYTES of data. By the way this is a Mosaic that TSXPro and ACP Planner working together laid out for me...piece of cake to originally set up.
    Cool Stuff. Wonder what I'm working on now? Stand by!
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