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    [This post is part of a discussion about a problem with MaxDome by Silvio Fong of Hong Kong. This is so interesting that I took the liberty of copying this post here -- Bob Denny]

    The first observatory at 5100m (16,500 ft) altitude Tibet, we build for University of Taiwan, also running under ACP observatory, one of the highest in the world, it takes 2 days drive from the nearest airport in capital city Lhasa,

    My personal one at 4300m (14,000 ft) altitude, the climate there is better, coldest to -20c or so.

    Some of my imaging work here, automated by ACP, only with this great softwares, I can do over 1000 hrs of imaging work in a few months which is several thousand miles away from my city Hong Kong, while taking care of two new born babies...

    Veil nebula

    Orion region,

    Simeis 147

    Flux around Polaris
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