I use Notepad++ to write ACP plans and searched in the ACP forums to see if anyone had put together ACP Directive snippets that can be used by the "Snippets" plug-in for Notepad++. Didn't find anything, but I did stumble upon some posts which indicate users make use of Notepad++.

Once a snippet library is made of ACP directives, it is just a matter of clicking on an ACP directive snippet (which can be made to look like user-friendly English and contain directive "hints") which copies the directive with proper syntax to the Notepad++ editing window. It makes directive typos a thing of the past and figuring out directive arguments much easier.

I put together my first version of an ACP directives snippet library, and it's a joy to use. I organised the library as per the ACP help file. It was a bit of a go in Notepad++ because you have to mess with SQLite. But any Notepad++ user just has to install the Snippet plug-in for Notepad++ and then import my ACP directives snippet library (no messing with SQlite!).

Notepad++ users can downlaod the ACP snippet library here (includes a readme file for installation and usage): http://www.newcastleobservatory.ca/node/154

Enjoy and thanks for looking!