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    Default Using WeatherWatcher and Boltwood across LAN systems (\\xxx\c\... paths)

    I hope that this is the right forum for this question, if not feel free to move it to the right one.

    I am having problems getting weatherwatcher to work in ACP. I have the weather and Boltwood II on another machine so I am using the server-WeatherWatcher.Weather. I have the two file location fields filled out as follows.

    Top field: \\Weather_machine\c\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\ClarityII\ClarityLog.txt

    Bottom field: \\Weather_machine\c\vws\data\daily

    Despite this I am not clear that it is retrieving any weather data at all as there are no data next to any of the items in the information box that appears when I connect to the server.

    I did go into the data file field and asked it to write the file every 2 minutes.

    Here is the WW form below.

    Am I trying to retrieve it from the wrong location? Or is there another problem. I am stuck on this one. Any help appreciated.
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    Chris A.
    Dark Horse Observatory
    Kimberton, PA



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