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    Default Three utilities

    Here are three utility tools I've written that you can install into your ACP by following the instructions contained in each zip file. - This is most flexible, giving you the choice of catalogs and coordinates. This will display a 30'x30' star chart constructed from the catalog you select at the RA/Dec location you specify. - This will display a 30'x30' star chart constructed from the catalog you've selected in the ACP Preferences/PinPoint tab, at the location the telescope reports it is aiming at. If the telescope is not connected, a default RA=0, Dec=0 location is used.

    Horizon Profile - This reads the observer's horizon grid values stored by ACP and displays an "all-sky" (Mercator-like) view showing which parts are unobservable because of the observer's limiting horizon.

    To build these into ACP, you will need to use the authoring environment to create several new items (aka tiddlers).

    If you've already installed the mathSVGPlugin, you will need to reinstall the mathSVGPlugin - there was a software error in it that caused images rendered in Firefox v17 to be clipped on the right and bottom edges.

    Let me know if you have any trouble.
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