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    Default Firefox v17 and the Horizon Profile item

    If there's any one of you still using the Firefox browser as the user interface to ACP, you may be interested in this.

    Mozilla recently updated Firefox from version 16.0.2 to version 17.0.1, and I believe they introduced an error with respect to rendering scalable vector graphics (SVG or, in TiddlyWiki terms, mathSVG). I noticed that the "Horizon Profile" graphic I wrote earlier this Fall was now clipped off on the right side and the bottom when rendered in FFv17. Compare the figures below - v16 on the left, v17 on the right. There is no rendering error in FFv16 or in Google Chrome.

    I filed a bug report at Bugzilla about a week ago. You can follow the progress at their website if you're curious. You don't need to register to view the site, but you won't be able to write comments. I've never done this before, so I'm not sure how their process proceeds. We'll see what happens.
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