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    Thumbs down ACP 6 installation problem request for maxim dl 5.05 or later

    i just purchased the ACP version 6.0
    When i try to install the software, it request for maxim dl version 5.05 or later.
    I had previously installed both version maxim dl 4.62 and 5.22 on my computer.
    Even if i remove maxim dl version 4.62, still, the acp installation wizard request for
    maxim version 5.05.
    How come the installation tool can't find out that i have version 5.21 installed?
    How to come over this software installation problem?

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    Start MaxIm 5.21 then run the installer. For some reason the COM registration is still showing the old MaxIm. Windows will show the last MaxIm version that was started (when mumtiple versions are present on the system). If that's not it, then write back and I'll look at it.
    -- Bob



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