On a rainy day when you have no ACP images to reduce, have some fun watching my home grown AllSkyCam which snaps 30 second images of the rolling firmament above depending on the sky's IR temperature vs ambient. It's about 1 year's worth of images - the original is twice as large and far clearer, but that would have made for 100 MB files.

Fisheye: http://www.watchobs.com/movies/AllSkyCamFishEye.mp4
Horizontally mapped version: http://www.watchobs.com/movies/AllSkyCamHorizon.mp4

You'll see a few plane trails, rain drops, ice, snow, moving dome, and one meteor (good luck on that one). The dome is in the West, Montreal is in the East some 50 kms. Perl ImageMagick does the trick for labeling the image with weather data and such.

This is the box that did this: http://www.watchobs.com/image/obj50geo36pg1p12.jpg a glad garbage pale from HomeDepot, and my Canon 300D. The script that fires off the shots has to be very selective as shutter life on a Rebel is some 25,000, and I'm already at 8000+. The box is heated to 10C [it can get to -30C here] and is linked via wireless USB [Quatech]. I get a nice cozy feeling when I check up on the sky quality the next morning as I look over ACP's plentiful bounty.