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    Steve thank you very much for jumping in here!! Your info is priceless.
    -- Bob

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    Hi James--
    FocusMax V4 has a Temp Comp option to move the focuser when the shutter is not open. This is accomplished during routine polling to determine the camera state, if the shutter is not open then it will apply the focuser move based on delta Temp. This was developed to eliminate potential vibration during the focuser move.
    There is also an option when FocusMax starts up to position the focuser based on delta Temp to reduce those pesky big donuts on the first focus run.

    If you are interested in developing a temp sensor with for you FLI, then feel free to contact me - I have some ideas on how this might be accomplished that we can kick around. My email may be found in Help/About....

    Clear skies,
    Steve Brady

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    Placement of the ATLAS temperature sensor was a weird design choice by FLI. My ATLAS temp readout lags external temperature by 45-60 minutes.

    Every night I start a large fan pointed up and directly under the whole optical assembly, with the OTA pointed straight up (to keep one OTA side from cooling before the other). When I do this at sunset, things are well cooled by twilight (sun @ -9 or -10 deg alt), at which time I remotely stop the fan and ACP does the first FocusMax (thanks, Steve!).
    New Mexico Mira Project, Albuquerque NM



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