Tonight we had a problem, ACP was frozen as well as ClarityII.
It seems the probem origins is ClarityII which was dead (clarityII screen was blank) and ACP frozen just after that failure.
The only way to recover after that is to power cycle the Boltwood II. It is not possible to close Clarity or ACP panels.

The ACP log is interrupted during a sentence but there is an error message in Clarity log :

WritePort: E ~cWriteFile failure

I'm getting this error from time to time since the start of our projet and it is pretty annoying as the night is then lost and the observatory in danger.
Did some of you see already this problem ? I put also a post in the Cyanogen support (below).

It seems that WriteFile failure could happen if the the file is locked by some process ? How to see if a process is locking the clarity file ? (antivirus etc. are deactivated, backup also and anyway the failure of clarity when doing a backup is different).

This error happens only during the night (while the computer and Clarity are running all day) so I think it is linked to ACP in some way.

We are recording wheather parameters every 2s , maybe we could just log the ClarityII parameters every minute which would decrease a lot the chance to get such an error ? It would be enough for us. Do you know how to do that ?

I would like to reproduce the error but I cannot. This is happening during the night so I never see it happeing real time.

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