Thought you might enjoy my troubles with my home made observatory!

I woke up at 4+ am one morning to the sounds of coyotes harassing some hapless furry creatures (I live adjacent to a forest) - jumped up to the window only to realize it was coming from my wife's iPad playing some crazy Filipino movie. Back to bed I went when I faintly heard a whirring sound from the yard... the dome was spinning, and not stopping! Sure enough, the Phidgets single board computer I had controlling the motorized dome had lost contact with the basement PC and had spun the dome for 2 hours some 70+ times as attested by the data collection below. Funny that the RA and DEC pixel drifts of a guide star showed the slit coming and going, and it couldn't guide properly... X axis is hours from midnight (tool mislabels), y is dome hour angle. The life of an ACP amateur astronomer!