I'm evaluating ACP and Scheduler and have been successfully imaging several deep sky targets using the Scheduler.

For some reason I have hard time to get exoplanet time series 'fixed time' plans to start and stop when I want them to.

I'm trying to start the time series just before transit starts (I know the exact time), get as many 60 sec images during the transit and stop the plan soon after the transit has ended (know this time too). I've been trying different values in 'must run after' and 'must run before' (and same values for both) but for some reason have not been successful to start and end my exoplanet plan at my predefined times.

I have not been using 'best effort' option which I guess I probably should have. I've also trying to understand the concept of 'best effort' and 'fixed-time' by reading the help files again and again but obviously failing to get that.

What would be the best practices of imaging exoplanet time series?

Thank you.