Good day.

I would first like to thank yoo for an outstanding product. However I am unable to get ACP to sucessfully autoguide if I use the calibration script within ACP.

I run a CGEM, C9.25, external guide scope w/an SSAG. I can calibrate in Maxim, and the successfully autoguide in maxim and ACP. However, as soon as I calibrate in ACP I have the identical problems that this gentlemen described:

-- Run ACP calibrateautoguider script
-- My system will no longer autoguide for more than 30 seconds as the star just walks-off and the system loses lock
-- A complete reset, reboot, shutdown of the CGEM seems to fix this issue...until I run the calibrate script again and it happens again.
-- Yes I calibrate to the ast of the mount
-- Yes I have the auto flip option in maxim unchecked.

However, I do not run an EQ6, I run a CGEM and I do not know what the fix for me would be.

Any help would be appreciated before I pull the trigger on your product.

Thank you,