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    Default autofocus problem focusmax ?


    this morning after aborting a script we could not start again (even after restarting all the system properly). I was not at the telescope and I do not know all the details (sometimes an abort can do nasty things) but after a few test I noticed it is an autofocus problem.
    But the TCFS focuser seems ok. I can move it from focus max and I see the effect on the stars.

    But I cannot run an acquirestar sequence or focus sequence.
    It says acquire star not completed. And that's it.
    When I try a focus it says "enter focus start position" but nothing else happens.

    Is a link missing ? But the link with ACP, telescope and CCD seems ok (messages are received in ACP, I can take images through focusmax and I see the telescope info in the telescope dialog box of FocusMAx)

    When a script with an autofocus is ran the ACP error message says:

    script error (Tracking has been stoped)
    source focusMAx
    Busy with an operation at line 1173 column 25
    (see caption attached about this error seems to be link to the mount ?)

    I also see the same error as given by focusMAx , that acquire star is not completed.

    Checking the night log I noticed the autofocus failed during all the night. But the plans did not crash (like when I try to restart a plan), the observations went on after autofocus failed. But I cannot see much info why it failed. Maybe the seeing was really really bad (> 3") and it never was able focused (we had strong wind).
    So the problem was probably not caused by the abot but was already there at the start of the night (at the end of the fist autofocus of the fist target of the night - the start of the sequence seems ok).

    Any help ? I'm just puzzled because the TCFS seems ok on a hardware point of view.
    But maybe it is not, and this will need to be confirmed by someone one site.
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