I'm having a puzzling problem. Here's the scenario:

1. I start ACP and Scheduler and click the "Dispatcher Running" checkbox in scheduler.
2. At dusk, the StartupObs.js script runs, starts everything, and connects to the scope.
3. The observatory runs all night happily executing plans.
4. At dawn, ShutdownObs.js runs, parks the scope, disconnects, shuts down support programs etc... everything looks great.
5. At dusk the next day, StartupObs.js runs but the scope doesn't connect. No exception is raised... it just doesn't connect and the Telescope.Connected attribute remains false.

I've added the following code snippet to StartupObs.js:

try {
if(!Telescope.Connected) {
Console.PrintLine("Connect ACP to the telescope, will auto-home if needed");
Telescope.Connected = true; // (Requires driver "home on connect")

// Diagnostic added by GTR - 23 July 2012
Util.WaitForMilliseconds(15000); // Pause 15 seconds to to allow telescope to connect
Console.PrintLine("Telescope did not connect.")
else Console.PrintLine("OK");

} else {
Console.PrintLine("Telescope already connected");
} catch(ex) {
Console.PrintLine("**Failed to connect to the Telescope:");
Console.PrintLine(" " + ex.description);
Console.Logging = false;

The above "Telescope did not connect." message appears in the console log. At this point, I can run StarupObs.js as many times as I'd like and the telescope will never connect and the same message will show in the log. If I connect to the telescope manually through the Telescope->Connect menu item in ACP, the telescope connects and StartupObs.js will run correctly ever after until dusk the following day.