I'm switching my observatory control from an old machine running Windows XP to a new machine running Windows 7. This means I need to install and configure all the various pieces of software to control the equipment. Before I do it, I thought I'd check here to see about recommended order of installation. I've seen various things in the past about new installations of packages overwriting various things from other programs (especially bits of ASCOM) when installing. I know that shouldn't happen, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

So, any recommendations? I need to install:

MaximDL (controls the Apogee camera and filter wheel)
TheSky 6 (controls the telescope)
Digital Dome Works control program
RCOS TCC (controls the focuser and rotator)

Seems like I've especially seen posts about problems with the Digital Dome Works software.

I realize that this isn't solely an ACP question, but ACP is in the mix there, and I don't want to cause problems with it.

Thanks in advance for any advice here -