I let a soon to be new customer log on to my system tonight. He was looking at the category instruments and equipment. I then looked at (never did so before) and some of the data is incorrect. The aperture is correct, but then everything else isn't. It says my focal length is 1422 ( it really shouldn't be but that's what plate solves read) it says my f ratio is 9.4 ( it's really 7.9) the detector info is wrong it says my pixel size is 9.0 x 9.0, it's really 7.4 x 7.4. and of course that means my FOV is also incorrect. Where is ACP getting this data, and does it matter if that info is incorrect? My true F/L is supposed to be 1200 (a 6 in refractor at f 7.9) I know ACP reports 1422, but maybe that's because the pixel size is wrong?