I was asked by our community to create a proposal for an observatorium. The idea is, to build a robotic station to allow all participants of our astronomy club as well as interested schools to have access to the instruments.

As a user of PinPoint and writer of a telescope control program I'm now focused on a professional solution to drive the scope, camera, etc. and to give others the possibility to share the results.

The desired software list contains ASCOM, TheSkyX, MaxIm, FocusMax and ACP (?)

My questions:

- can I configure ACP to give just one person the right to control the processes of a night?
- does ACP act as a web server with access to image files for all (registered) users?
- is there a software configuration diagram, which I missed on the dc3-pages?
- can I control the SBIG AllSky camera and open/close the dome (prefered Baader AllSky dome)
- which of the ACP liscense options must I select?
- what else do I need in addition to the software components mentioned before?

Thank you in advance

Hartmut Bornemann