I usually will trying searching the forums for something like this, but nothing came up, or I was using the wrong search keywords. I hope starting this thread isn't redundant.

Let's say I start up the system, and then set the tracking rate to stop. So the scope isn't parked per se, but the tracking rate is set to STOP. After several days I'll come back and find that the scope driver (so ACP and anything else connected to the driver) shows the scope way off somewhere else in the sky, although the scope hasn't moved because "the tracking rate is set to STOP". However the dome is slaved to the telescope's "way off position".

So shouldn the system know that it is stopped, and that when I resume (days later) I can resume from a safe position. I'm thinking the answer is "NO" because I just stopped tracking, and didn't explicitly park the scope and dome. I'm I correct with my conclusion?

Thanks for looking.