A short story: I live in NJ so today I set off to suffern NY for the NEAIC event. About a mile from the venue a vehicle cuts me off and I wind up in a three car fender bender. All involved were fine, no injuries. So after about an hour and a half delay I arrive at NEAIC to find that I missed the breakfast, opening remarks and the first talk. Luckily there was plenty of coffee so I grabbed a cup to calm my nerves. Wandering the hallways waiting for the first talk to finish I noticed Bob at his display table. After saying hello to him and chatting a few minutes we had a second cup and I went to the breakout room for the following talk (which was to be about flats, darks etc). The room quickly filled but after about fifteen minutes of no speaker I figured we probably had a no show. In comes Bob Moore (NEAIC coordinator) to give the bad news that the featured speaker was no where to be found but the good news is that BOB DENNY of DC3 was gracious enough to fill in and speak about observatory automation. That was more than fine with me and may I say for everyone else in the room. Although at this point Bob only had a half hour or less to fill, he did a great job getting across how great ACP is and how automation can be implemented into our systems. Thanks for the talk and making my rotten morning a lot better.
Sincerely, Ted Porebski