I use TPoint heavily along with TheSkyX from Software Bisque to control the aiming and tracking of my Paramount ME mount. TheSkyX uses a model built by TPoint to aim the telescope and a tracking model built from TPoint called "Pro Track" allows the Paramount ME to accurately track across the sky.

I ordered and now own a license to PinPont because I use MaximDL and Maxim extensively uses PinPoint. If I install and use PinPoint and it's associated NOVAS Vector Astrometry library, could that in any way harm my TPoint and TheSkyX functions?

The reason I ask this is that I got stung a while ago when I allowed MaximDL to control the mount. I mistakenly took an option in Maxim that destroyed my TPoint model and I had to build it again from the beginning. After that I saw that there was an option in the ASCOM driver Maxim uses to control the mount (called "TheSky-controlled Telescoope") that I could check that would "protect my TPoint model". I checked that of course. But I just want to make sure that installing and using PinPoint and NOVAS could not similarly harm my TPoint model and TheSkyX software. Please verify that is the case. Thanks!