I'll try this. I still have to learn enough ACP to get everything hooked up.


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Hello Rodney!!

I'm glad to see you made it in and have ACP going. I'll let Stephanie know you're OK. I'll still call you today as she promised. But your question (which is really an ACP one, so I am going to move this to the Pre-Sales section since you're still evaluating) has an answer:

In your observing plan, include a directive #defocus nnnnn which will do the defocusing. I'm not sure I understand what your objective is, but to take the series of images you outlined. There is no concept of "setting the focus reference", you select a filter and take images. ACP handles the details. Let's say "short" is 30 sec and "longer" is 120 sec:

#sets 3         ; Repeat this plan three times
#count 1,1
#interval 30,30
#filter B,V
#defocus 0      ; Harmless if already 0
FM Cas   00:14:28        +56 15 11
#count 1
#interval 120
#filter V
#defocus -1000
FM Cas   00:14:28        +56 15 11
The info on making plans is in ACP Hep. Acquiring Images Automatically, Making Observing Plans. You can throw a #waitfor nn to wait for nn seconds, allowing you to pace the three cycles of images.

Edit: I see Jim Mcmillan answered while I was working on your answer. Thanks Jim!